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[audio]BS012 musique improximative - Christophe Meulien
“On the improximation of February, I play electric guitar with device and looper, there's no rerecording, except perhaps trumpet, but I don't remember. But looping is a sort of rerecording, isn't it? Living in a cage Une conséquence du travail de Robert Fripp et de Brian Eno. Une guitare et des effets, et un générateur de boucle, un viel headrush. I can`t open the door Comment sortir de la cage? Le headrush est la cage...
Keywords: Experimental; Acoustique; Improvised; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 199 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]BS040 The Sect - ZMG
"A descent through the cracks of the end of the world, the cry of souls trapped between the weight of a sky full of sulphur and lead that falls down on earth, not leaving a single ray of light cross the membrane of a dying sun." - ZMG
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Noise; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 151
[audio]BS071 Ocean - Alex Charles
"Recorded live at the Prince of Wales pub, Birmingham, 9th of September, 2012. Post production done at home in Lye on the same day. Shortwave radio and analogue synth." - Alex Charles
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Electronic; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 354
[audio]BS010 The Dead Room - Black Mouse
“Moody and melodic songs twisted to reflect the impossible hopes and dreams that we all carry within us. In the end there will be nothing but stale air and the de-oxygenated corpse in the dead room.” - Black Mouse
Keywords: Alternative; Psychedelic; Indie; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 1,053
[audio]BS009 Vintage - Cameron Steele
"This album is about mental illnesses, fears, drugs, confusion, and all the other higher things passed down to us from previous generations." - Cameron Steele
Keywords: Experimental; Electronica; Alternative; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 1,691
[audio]BS005 X - Gabran
Risotto & Mushrooms, I Hope You Are Well, News and Tears are tracks composed in October/November 2009 ... memory of a meeting and a concert with MCVulcano, AQM Abhorrent and Beauty ... sounds refer to an atmosphere of intense knowledge and friendship, an exchange of lives in another possible world: the world of sounds. Lullaby is a track composed in December 2009… an attempt to expand a quartet of violas and cellos… Oh, my dear love! Is a sentimental research into sounds… each sound corres...
Keywords: Abstract; Experimental; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 3,599
[audio]BS050 Doing Nothing - Various Artists
Too many things created by chaos continue to feed this entropy. Now it`s time for Doing Nothing.. 01 Cometa - Root 02 Miquel Parera Jaques - nxLiveCode17_2011-04-22_05-46-11 03 Korin VG - Dance 04 Marco Lucchi - Lorca 05 Geronimodeleon - Tea 06 KraftiM - Flowall 07 Soliton - To distant places they have flown 08 Wilhelm Matthies and Mehata Hiroshi - Itsukashima 09 Kalendar - 10 In_Cognitus - Ouroboros 11 Citizen Prozac - A Dog in the Rain
Keywords: Various Artists; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 394
[audio]BS001 This Long Winter - Black Square Cloudcast
Long story of long winter. Ideally for listening by long winter nights. 00:00 Cousin Silas - Empty Airport 04:00 Spit It Out - Debris 11:14 Susan Matthews - Moon Tremors 13:44 Shammen Delly - The Rising Black Sun 18:20 Roto Visage - Epiphany 28:03 Ada Jones - By the Light of the Silvery Moon 31:58 Clutter - I Still Remember 45:20 Les Dix-Huit Secondes - Can I Touch It? 52:37 Vanessa Rossetto - The Girlhood of Baba Yaga 01:01:06 FrideriK - Qi (simple improvisation for two guitars) 01:05:44 Woodwo...
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Improvised; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 428
[audio]BS004 Clouds Of Smoke And Poison - Radio For The Daydreamers
This album was dedicated to those days in our lives that we forgot because we thought they were irrelevant. This is meant to be heard by people who believe in magic and people who believe in stories. Chaos ensues. We shall not pray to any god, but to our own. We shall love people who dream and people who need a little more gasoline. Reject the beauty, before it dare rejects you.
Keywords: Post-Rock; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 738
[audio]BS072 parede que me toca - pato cós
"parede que me toca" reunites three works: "mirrita": From the sound of the machine, other sounds are perceived as organic. They are not, but the machine is built by man. The silence interrupts the machine. The animal deflagrates. It challenges it but it is not freed from it. The machine is there. So is the human; "comoção": It begins with a blow that turns into a wave of noise. Another comes. The noise reveals itself human and makes us feel something; "cauterização": Reflection on the vorac...
Keywords: Experimental; Electronic; Noise; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 609 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]BS044 BeSt of 10-11 - Various Artists
"BeSt of 10-11" - collection of the best tracks released by Black Square netlabel in the first year of its existence. 01 Black Mouse - Soon I Will Be... 02 Gabran - Risotto & Mushrooms with Friends 03 Cagey House - Champion Major Monk 04 Cezary Gapik [aka CEZAR] - #0441 05 Bose Ensemble - UHT milk trauma 06 Melophobia - 02 07 Subterrestrial - Ezhdehā 08 Christophe Meulien - I can`t open the door 09 Thus The Tinsilemen - Fortune Teller 10 Yajna Vedana - Atma Shatakam 11 In_Cognitus - solv 12 Ca...
Keywords: Various Artists; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 689
[audio]BS052 Mother Superior and Her Fields of Migraine - Radio For The Daydreamers
After the first album, Radio for the Daydreamers have worked on defining their sound much more and have tried to create a balance of different elements(/genres/styles/whathaveyou) of music. We have collaborated with some amazing artists recently, and have thence created "Praying for the be(a)st", a tryptich following a creative non-fiction story of a faustian character. Our intentions with this album, were to take elements from avant garde jazz, classical music, black metal and electronic music ...
Keywords: Post-Rock; Other: Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 1,063 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]BS039 Soundtracks for Dance - Geronimodeleon
"This album marks my return to active production after a prolonged hiatus. Based on my love for Modern Dance, I constructed the soundscapes in this volume for use in a theatrical context. Begun on the road, and in the San Francisco Bay area (in 2009 and 2010), the discoveries made in producing this album have blessed me with remarkable images to develop further - both aurally and visually - in both recorded, and live contexts." - Geronimodeleon
Keywords: Experimental; Field recordings; Treatments; Production; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 184
[audio]BS013 Organics - Carlos Lemosh
“The sound that I was collecting I transformed that in instruments. The sound of Machine Gun, Plastic Bottles, A Tennis Player, Running Water, White Noise, Microsoft Sounds, X-Files, District 9 and 2012 Movie Trailers.” – Carlos Lemosh
Keywords: Experimental; Electronic; Musique Concrete; Sound Collage; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 5,615
[audio]BS027 Jobin - KraftiM
il était une fois une poubelle.... Once upon a time there was a bin. Filled with orphanaged soundsnippets from an artist who hesitated what to do with it. Along came a soundarchitect who just learned to behave more ecologically responsable. And so the bin was searched carefully, parts were scrubbed, put in a new home, chopped, treated, refined, remodelled and combined until 7 tracks came out. The artist is Joanne Gabriel, the sounds are recycled by KraftiM...
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Electronic; Other; Meditative; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 159
[audio]BS051 I. Began. Cube. - Citizen Prozac
"Come with me to where the light meets the sky Beneath the glow we can fill our minds Nothing can go wrong Something always goes wrong..." - Citizen Prozac
Keywords: Alternative; Psychedelic; Indie; Other; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 377
[audio]BS022 back to Avant-Garde IV - Black Square Cloudcast
“Harpists spend 90 percent of their lives tuning their harps and 10 percent playing out of tune.” - Igor Stravinsky 00:00 Luis de Pablo - Al son que tocan, side 1 (between 1974 and 1976) 16:14 Morton Subotnick - Axolotl (cello and "ghost" electronics) (1980) 33:30 Donald Erb - Reconnaissance (1967) 50:44 Luis de Pablo - Al son que tocan, side 2 (between 1974 and 1976)
Keywords: Avant-Garde; Experimental; Spoken Word; Electronics; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 938
[audio]BS002 Voiedge - KraftiM
Voiedge (a trip to the edges of the void?) with collected works from KraftiM made in 2007/2008. These tracks haven`t been released on Musictrade. On 3 tracks rhythmpatterns of dutch artist Justbase were used. Most tracks have a darkish doomy feel, but never without a sprinkling touch of hope. Haumter and Chursed are based on live cathedral recordings (the Zoom H4 makes wonders) but adapted on KraftiM's VST's...
Keywords: Experimental; Electronic; Field Recordings; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 259
[audio]BS021 Take That Hüsker - A Screaming Comes Across the Sky
All songs © 2004 John Storm/Andrei Benjamin Recorded at R’lyeh, CA Produced by Storm/Benjamin Mixed, engineered and recorded by John This recording includes performances by: Ted Klondike, Mason, Jaws, Dixon, Arnox, Salsa Bunch, Henrix, Joe Matt This recording contains a sample of “Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows, and the cover is a facsimile of “There’s Always Room on the Broom”, by Liars, which in and of itself is a facsimile of “Strategies Against Architecture” by Eintruzende Neu...
Keywords: Experimental; Showtunes; Psychedelic; Noise; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 1,026
[audio]BS033 Esoteric Zoo - Subterrestrial
"As you may know, Subterrestrial is largely influenced by hollow earth theories, but also conspiracy theories, unexplainable phenomenon and the mysteries of the universe. "Esoteric Zoo" is inspired by fantastic creatures from Persian and Medieval European mythology. My original intent was to create something more "ambient," but the tracks ending up sounding more rhythmic. My usual devices of drone, minimalism and repetition are present, as always." - Subterrestrial
Keywords: Experimental; Dark Ambient; Esoteric; Other; Meditative; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 502
[audio]BS047 Headphone Travels 01 - Urban Interventions
The first release of "Urban Interventions" - "Headphone Travels 01", brings together AN MOKU and Marcus Beuter prepared live sets and creates a personal interpretation of an urban ambiance. Foto and Design by Sara Hochuli Mastering by Jan Bertram
Keywords: Experimental; Field Recording; Soundscape; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 732
[audio]BS032 back to Avant-Garde V - Black Square Cloudcast
“Life is a wonderful thing to talk about, or to read about in history books - but it is terrible when one has to live it.” - Jean Anouilh 00:00 Jean Dubuffet - La fleur de barbe (1961) 23:28 Goffredo Petrassi - Flou (1980) 31:30 Jean Dubuffet - Humeur Incertaine (1960-61) 39:16 Henry Kaiser - It's a Wonderful Life (1982)
Keywords: Experimental; Avant-Garde; Spoken Word; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 1,004
[audio]BS074 This Flag Means be Still - Cagey House
"These tracks are about stasis. "Living Grass on I-70" started as a short percussion solo. I slowed it way down--something like 800%--until the sound became really degraded. Then I kept altering the pitch until the sonic degradations became the main voice in the track. "The Finger Can't See" is an experiment with out of phase repetition, boredom, and annoyance. "Delicate Clock Runs the Street" is the result of a set of rules that force harmonic motion while simultaneously preventing resolution."...
Keywords: Experimental; Avant-Garde; Other; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 486
[audio]BS058 Last Mirage - Korin VG
"All not only is illusory, but also relative... Illusions are relative to illusions - what world we live in?" - Korin VG
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Electronic; Soundscapes; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 586
[audio]BS060 Dreamscapes Volume 1 - Raining Cloud
"Dreamscapes Volume 1 is a collaborative album which arose from discussions Joanne Gabriel and I had in early 2010; particularly An Aerial View of Red Earth, which was inspired by a discussion we had about flying dreams. This piece alludes to dream images of flying over the red soil of north-eastern Arizona. The remaining pieces were inspired by images drawn from remembrances of dreams - dream images - and fragments of dreams...
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Electronic; Soundscapes; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 118
[audio]BS006 March of Eternal Dreams - Black Square Cloudcast
Neverending circle hopes & dreams. Always within, forever beyond.. 00:00 Muhmood - Dream 02:04 Aenonloo - The Snow Has No Name 17:33 Post Scriptvm - Sea Green Series V (excerpt) 22:40 Immundus - Whispering Walls 26:13 Larsp - Flaques & Nuages 32:18 Crookram - Hostile 36:20 Solipsism - Delusions Outermind (Feat. Jash) 41:03 Visions of Solitude - March of Eternal Dreams 43:44 Ujtanakot - White Rat's First Journey To the Upper Space, 1st movement (allegro) 46:56 Nordvargr - Song of Saturn (demo pre...
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Improvised; Industrial; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 459
[audio]BS081 End of a story - Claudio Nuñez
"I use the same modus operandi for most of my albums (except the ones that are composed): I lay some free improvised moods (usually on rhythm instruments) that serve as the frame or background for the rest of the piece... I call this process ¨real time compositions¨ as I never have any ideas or plans before the actual recording starts... When I feel that the group or orchestral feelings reflect the mood I stop adding new layers or instruments.....
Keywords: Experimental; Free Jazz; Jazz; Acustronica; Improvisation; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 313 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]BS030 Electrocircus - Cameron Steele
“This album is partly a science-fiction story about a corrupt regime that turns people into machines, and partly not fiction at all. Robotic voices are all speech synthesizers having text fed into them. There's also voice samples from an exploitation film, obscure YouTube videos, and musical pop star interviews.” - Cameron Steele
Keywords: Experimental; Electronica; Alternative; Antifolk; Indie; Psychedelic; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 178
[audio]BS035 6 - Syrtis Major
"The album "6" has a high emotional charge, it's about feelings that were wrote down using notes. Every song tells a different story, the album it's not supposed to be played all at once since you can not like all of the songs at the same time. Try to enjoy the song you hear. It is for the sad people." - Syrtis Major
Keywords: Experimental; Electronic; Ambient; Instrumental; Piano; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 194
[audio]BS026 Severe Sensational Teenage Soul - John Storm
John Storm: Severe Sensational Teenage Soul Recorded 2010 at Rl'yeh, CA, USA For stolen portions, refer: 1. Andre Popp, Jim Backus, Slapp Happy 2. Dogtoys.com 3. Verne Langdon, Electric Lemon Record Co. 4. Lee Hazlewood 5. Super Mario World, Coca-Cola Steve Hazzard is the Walrus
Keywords: Experimental; Other; Noise; Showtunes; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 127
[audio]BS031 Major Monk (plus three) - Cagey House
"The first four tracks on Major Monk Plus 3 are music-oriented sound collages that loosely follow an anti-rationalist simian protagonist as he pursues his life-long vendetta against a group of prim'e numbers who run a mustard factory. (Thanks to Clarica and Lucy Burgoyne at Librivox for swell vocal samples, and to Corsica_S at Freesound for the mustard lady.) The remaining tracks are more-or-less conventional instrumental pieces with some vocal embellishments." - Cagey House
Keywords: Experimental; Avant-Garde; Other; Sound Collage; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 209
[audio]BS024 Trimurti (Promo) - Yajna Vedana
"Trimurti", त्रिमूर्ति, or "three forms", is a concept in which the cosmic functions of creation, preservation, and destruction are personified by the forms of Brahmā the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Śhiva the destroyer or transformer. Trimurti, is a concept album based around these three forms. Each song is a dedication, a tribute, a sacrifice to these aspects of creation, preservation and destruction...
Keywords: Experimental; Post-Rock; Ambient; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 158
[audio]BS054 Kid Feardive - Kid Feardive
"The idea here is to create naïve music with an avant-garde edge. About half the tracks are essentially songs--short pieces with melodies and repeating sections--but made with extremely harsh sounds. They're melodic noise, so to speak. The other half are also noisy, but longer and free-form with no structure at all other their own sonic personalities, and the use of very simple kraut-rock influenced beats...
Keywords: Avant-Garde; Naïve; Experimental; Noise; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 438
[audio]BS037 back to Avant-Garde VI - Black Square Cloudcast
“We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.” - Toni Morrison 00:00 Thomas A. Clark - Spell for Sarah (1971) 01:57 Taku Sugimoto - Improvisation (1996) 12:29 Vincent Barras & Jacques Demierre - bh n (a) (2007) 45:46 Tim Hecker - Pluie 4 (for Sylvain Émard Danse) (2004)
Keywords: Experimental; Avant-Garde; Spoken Word; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 1,661
[audio]BS067 Blue Hand - Kid Feardive
"These tracks started out as improvisations, and were then edited and re-edited into semi-coherent pieces. The overall tone is melancholic, but there are some comic moments, as well as some pleasant tunes." - Kid Feardive
Keywords: Avant-Garde; Naïve; Experimental; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 410
[audio]BS007 Teratology - Psychaotic
From the arid lands of America comes this little creature crowned with the sharp tones of dark ambient; his shadow describes a shape of dense drone walking with slow industrial compasses. Teratology, the first malformation of silence from Psychaotic.
Keywords: Dark Ambient; Drone; Industrial; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 258
[audio]BS034 The Machinery of the Universe - Black Square Cloudcast
“Hamlet: What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—and yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me— nor woman neither, though by your smiling you seem to say so.” William Shakespeare - Hamlet, Act 2, scene 2, 303–312 00:00 Ungud - kur ciej kur ciej seni cebataiciai 00:59 Sub...
Keywords: Experimental; Noise; Esoteric; Other; Meditative; Neofolk; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 574
[audio]BS046 Walking Through - Black Square Cloudcast
"...occasionally I wished I could walk through a picture window and have the sharp, broken shards slash me to ribbons so I would finally look like I felt." - Elizabeth Lee Wurtzel 00:00 Muhmood - Lonesome 04:00 Melophobia - 09 (earth has shifted on its axis) 09:36 Speculativism - Something To Be Thankful For 14:42 - 19:40 МП44 - Бог 16:16 Christophe Meulien - Tonton, pourquoi tu tousse 26:10 Jordan Prestrot - Interlude : Show Your Ad Here 27:17 Дима Беслан - Потреблядь 3...
Keywords: Experimental; Other; Avant-Garde; Spoken Word; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 571
[audio]BS023 Island Envisage - Skerror
"Pulp comic tale of reform on the obscure isle." - Skerror
Keywords: Experimental; Electronic; Dark Ambient; Cyberpunk; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 523
[audio]BS079 Train Chase - Alexei Biryukoff
"This album is a collection of arriving and departing trains at the station in a small Siberian town Talmenka" - Alexei Biryukoff
Keywords: Experimental; Field Recordings; Minimalism; Ambient; Soundscapes; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 538
[audio]BS053 DREAMS OF THE EARTH - Korin VG
"Sky, cradle of the Earth Her dreams make a world we are living in All is just an illusion Everything is a dream... - It is said enough, I suppose - why do we need to reveal a mystery?.." - Korin VG
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Electronic; Soundscapes; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 705
[audio]BS028 Omnia - Fescal
Fescal’s recent wayward plunge into the dominion of dark experimental music demonstrates that not only is he a deft of beatless dark ambient drones but of melodic dark electron-organic music as well. The title track “Ginger Baker” is a noisy venture into an opaque world of undulating drones thundering above subtle textures of electronics and samples. The aptly named “Vulgar and Kitsch” follows with the catchy babble of strong synth and keyboard samples along with heavy crackles and gli...
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Electronic; Other; Meditative; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 248
[audio]BS078 back to Avant-Garde IX - Black Square Cloudcast
“He who has cast off the world has linked it to yellow dust Your body is like unto a wound, and you are like unto a madman. This entire world is a yellow arrow which has pierced you through The yellow arrow is the train on which you ride towards a ruined bridge” - Victor Pelevin "The Yellow Arrow" 00:00 Aram Saroyan - Crickets [recorded in the wind-off grooves of side two] (1965) 01:55 Dariush Dolat-Shahi - Shabistan (Sehtar and Electronic) (1985) 08:18 Alexander Mossolov - Zavod, Symphony O...
Keywords: Avant-Garde; Experimental; Spoken Word; Dust; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 315
[audio]BS057 Paroxismus - Black Square Cloudcast
"A paranoiac, like a poet, is born, not made." - Luis Bunuel 00:00 Porcelain in the Backpack - Touching The Ground Crossing The Air 05:20 Speculativism - Sub Strata 17:50 Muser - Circus Circus 25:28 My Boyfriend the Pilot - Tasublin (Metallic Seraphim March by JJ Sonick) 28:28 Meri von KleinSmid - Schizophrenia 32:31 SFIAS - Joseph of arythmia 35:06 SFIAS - SFIAS vs Sarkoma (procrustean) 39:59 Subterrestrial - Lost in the Game Grid 41:56 Gruph Szec'Ъ - Crying of the Universe 46:19 Roto Visage -...
Keywords: Experimental; Other; Noise; Paranoia; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 361
[audio]BS059 Fuck This, Tilted Field - Nature Circuit
Nature Circuit’s first “album,” Fuck This, Tilted Field, mixes elements of previous releases (most notably the power electronics of Songs in the Key of Death) with many new ideas and sound sources, producing a much wider range of textures. The range of the album is notable as well in that it mixes “heavier” tracks with quieter pieces. Recommended to fans of noise, power electronics, drone, and depressing music in general.
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Power Electronics; Drone; Noise; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 153
[audio]BS068 End of Days - Black Square Cloudcast
"Only the hand that erases can write the true thing." - Meister Eckhart 00:00 Ostensibly Ossified - Contemporary Coma 00:47 Aerosyn - First Kill (Dawn of Predation) 03:14 Speculativism - Future Poem (text) 05:04 Baskyl - Oh, nothing, just a blurred Vision... 08:50 Korin VG - Last Mirage 5 13:22 Exit To Exist - Daybreak's Lament 36:02 Richard There - Black birds can live forever 39:27 Subterrestrial - Madness at the Edge of a Black Hole 46:56 Muser - End of Days 55:09 SFIAS - Lord, We Come Before...
Keywords: Experimental; Other; Electronic; Spoken Word; Chaos; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 562
[audio]BS086 Human Transfixed - Black Square Cloudcast
"why Do our black faces search the empty sky? Is there something we have forgotten? some precious thing We have lost, wandering in strange lands?" - Arna Bontemps 00:00 The Ghost Between The Strings - Nothing Will Happen 09:07 Ownsi Lense - Elementum V 13:01 Spit It Out - Almost There (mix on MIG) 23:40 Ostensibly Ossified - Nothing to Do With Anything 27:17 _Voice - Human Error 33:39 Sanmi - Blindman 36:12 Hox Vox - Undead 40:47 Ghazaleh E - Dead Now (Antioch Arrow Cover) 43:23 Muhmood - Sunn 4...
Keywords: Experimental; Other; Electronic; Chaos; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 319
[audio]BS003 back to Avant-Garde I - Black Square Cloudcast
“The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all. This puts one in accord with nature, in her manner of operation.” - John Cage 00:00 John Cage - excerpt from Silence (1969) 02:02 Kevin Drumm - True Warriors Endure the Idleness (2005) 14:50 Jaap Blonk - Erster Teil (2003 Version) 24:59 Margaret Leng Tan - Pianoless Vexations (Erik Satie) Sculpture Center, NYC, June 11, 2006 44:10 John Duncan - "No," (recorded live) April 11, 1977
Keywords: Avant-Garde; Experimental; Noise; Spoken Word; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 314
[audio]BS008 Music for Controllers - Paul Bailey
"Music for Controllers are improvisations performed live using ableton live, korg/nanokey, buddha machine and srutibox (iphone), and korg kaossilator Music for Controllers I created using ableton live, buddha machine (iphone), korg kaossillator and nano-key Music for Controllers II made with Buddha Machine, Scruti Box (iPhone), Korg Kaossilator, and Ableton Live Music for Controllers III and IV were improvised live using ableton live/ korg/nanokey, buddha machine (iphone), and the korg kaossilat...
Keywords: Experimental; Minimalism; Improvised; Post-Whatever; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 876
[audio]BS025 Music Written by Water - Sanmi
This work is first album of Sanmi which played sine wave with glitch livecut pingpong delay works at Tundra Electronic Festival in Lithuania 2009. The album was inspired especially from Tokyo city itself. That is from its chaos, huge concrete jungle and speed and dynamics of life. And this time in 2010, adding bonus track.
Keywords: Experimental; Other; IDM; Contemporary; Creative Commons; Black Square
Downloads: 1,282
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